You know when the unexpected happens, and it leaves you with cold shivers running up your back? Yeah that just happened.
   I was browsing through RED's band members' twitter accounts to see what they've tweeted about their new album (coming out in Feb of 2013).
   I go through Anthony's twitter account (guitarist) and see that he's posted a photo of him with his guitar; Joe (drummer) said something about hanging out at a snare factory, while Mike (lead singer) said he's going to get some Jamba Juice before heading back to record some more.
   When I get to Randy's page (bassist), I see that he's wanting to spend more time in the sun (woo-hoo). I scroll down his twitter feed to see what else he's tweeted.
   I come across this drawing. My interest grows as I'm always curious about drawings Randy's tweeting. For those of you that don't know, Randy (and his twin, Anthony) can be quite... blunt-brutal-honest, about drawings that people send/give him. Example? Sure.

Randy: It's me. I think.
Anthony on four drawings, one of each band member: Yikes!

   So as you can see, they speak their mind on what they think. Even in videos, they will speak their mind. Now, they don't mean to hurt people with what they say. They are just being honest, but without mincing it. Which is why they can be quite brutal with artwork.

That is why I think I got off easy. 
   So as you can see, Randy managed to find my drawing of him. And tweeted it. And I didn't send it to him. I'm not sure if he liked it or not. He didn't say anything like "yikes!".
   What I think he's saying is because his twitter name is LOW BROW BASS, he's connecting it with the comment "Is my brow really that low?".  Do you think that's a compliment?? I don't know.

   It doesn't matter, because I like it, and knowing that he's seen it is enough to make me giddy with happiness! This is where those shivers go up my spine.

09/07/2012 12:43pm

Wow....That's soo cool. I do indeed know that feeling....Spine shivering experiences....
I would be honoured that he actually posted YOUR artwork on his twitter. I mean. how cool is that?! Forget what he said, (I don't know what it was supposed to mean) he wouldn't have posted it if he wasn't impressed.

09/07/2012 2:58pm

I know, right?!! *squeals* Haha, you're right... I DO feel honoured that he posted it... it's just a little weird that I don't know if he likes it or not :) Usually it's a "Sweet, thanks", not a "Throw it in" type of comment O_o =D Randy is awesome for that.

Hahaha, I cannot explain how excited and giddy I felt when I saw it... I still go back to check and see if it was a figment of my imagination =D

Thanks for the comment!! - Leauphaun


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