Ok, so I know I've done a lot of posts that have Garnier products in them... I guess thats because I've found a company where I enjoy every product (that I've tried), and found them to be good products.
   I started with a sample packet that came along with a paper that comes to our house, and since I love hair products, I had to try it out.
   Well, I found the scent to be absoutely heavenly (the scent really matters for me since I'm a super taster/smeller), quite fruity which is my favorite scent collection.
   So, since I dyed my hair this past summer/fall, I knew I needed something to preserve the color. And something to keep my hair hydrated.
  Not many companys have something that will spray into your hair, like hairspray, and not leave a huge residue. In fact, I cannot remember seing a drugstore company who brought out a product like this. What is it?
   It's a spray in product that has a milk serum (I don't remember what kind, but it's the white stuff) in it to help detangle your hair, along with the product to help preserve your hair color (the pink stuff).
   It truly is a lightweight product that doesn't leave a hunk of stuff in your hair like hairspray does (not that this replaces hairspray at all, it just doesn't have the same buildup).
   The natural ingredients include acai berry (still loving it!) and grape seed oil, which is very nourshing to the hair.

Scent: 4/5
Nourishing: 4/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Overall Product Rating: 4/5

Woud I buy this again?: Yes
Why did I use this product?: To protect the color in my hair
Price?: I got it on sale for less than $4.00, but would probably be normally $5-$9.
It's only really worth it when it's on sale.

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