They say you shouldn't. And for the most part I don't.
Unless it comes to...
   Being an artist, the cover of a book has to capture my attention before I'll read the summary. Ok, so it's not always that way, but for the most part, I'll do that. Here's an example of what I mean.
   When she takes a position with a prominent English family, a young woman confront the dark secrets of the house's inhabitants.

 When Dr. Greg Parker's research indicates that the CIA manipulated the Northridge, California earthquake, he and his daughter, Sharon, follow a trail of clues that indicate a conspiracy to destroy America's economy. They slowly realize that an explosion in Jerusalem, a potential earthquake in middle America, and the devastation of the American economy fit a pattern that is amazingly parallel to predictions found in the Bible. Soon Greg and Sharon Parker's race to stop destruction of their country becomes a battle to save their own lives as well.

   So, as you can see, I'd much rather go for the book on the right than the one from the left, just because the placement of everything on the page looks better than the painting on the left. Not to mention I like books with photography rather than artwork. The funny part with these two books is that I didn't notice that the image in the Dragon book is an On-Off switch, and the description has nothing to do with animal Dragons. And the thing about Thread of Suspicion has to do with, quote, "the dark secrets of the house's inhabitants", whatever it is.
   I would still like to read the book on the right over the one on the left just by the cover.

   Yes, it's kind of harsh, and ironc. I don't know if I'll change. Probably when tiramisu starts tasting disgusting, Which will probably never happen... But this is how I tend to decide on what books I will read.

Signed with charcoal - Leauphaun

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