For the longest time, I never figured out how people got those panoramic shots. I knew they took shots that overlaped eachother, but I never figured out how they got the lighting to be the same, and how they got the pictures to loose the "bubble" look that photos sometimes get from the lenses.
   But I finally found out how to do it myself. You put the photos into Photoshop, all in the same project, and edit them until they match up*.
   So when I found out how to do it, I went back to some of my old photos that I took and stuck them into photoshop to edit. I did the norm to this photo; edited the lighting, used the warp tool to match up the land. But what most people wouldn't know, is that I had to go into this huge photo and manuly remove all the powerlines that were hanging in front of this picture.

*If you want, I can do a walk through to get a panoramic picture like this. Comment and let me know, yes or no.

08/30/2012 12:20pm

Thats a beautiful picture! Fantastic job!!

08/30/2012 12:35pm

Thanks, Lauricia!! I love having a view like this =) Makes me love God all that more, because He paints wonderful pictures every evening.

- Leauphaun

09/03/2012 6:01pm

Nice pano-ing, beautiful view! =D

My dad rocks with the panoramic shots. He's pretty good when it comes to little details (on my camera, if you match up the watermark of the last picture to the picture that you're about to take, it turns out wonderfully).
I, on the other hand, do not rock so much with keeping the veiw finder steady enough to match up with the previous shot.


God bless!

09/03/2012 6:37pm

Haha, thanks!! I've come to love having a view like this, and we're not even high up on the mountain, we're at the base. But since we're living on one side of the valley, we can see the other side pretty well :)

That's cool with your dad! Haha, I have that problem when I'm taking zoomed in shots, my hand waves all around when I need it to be still =)

God Bless you too!! Thanks for the comment!

- Leauphaun

09/06/2012 8:46pm

Man, I'm so jealous! Why does Canada haffta be so beatiful??

*sigh* We have mountains in the desert too, but the view out of any of our windows is either a wall, a wall, a wall, or the neighbor's house...

Anway, I was just replying because you've encouraged me to humilate mys---err, showcase my lovely panoramic ability over at my blog and I thought you might like to see what I was talkin' about. =)

09/07/2012 3:03pm

Arizona is just as beautiful, just in a different way!! I want to visit good 'ole Arizona one of these days. Maybe try their ski mountain, and do some snowboarding... if I do I have to visit you there, Kismint!

Ah, our last house was like that... but don't think that this is all glamour... our backyard is right on the highway where noisy trucks are almost constantly driving up and down. It gets pretty noisy, but you get used to it :) But you'd never tell from looking out the front window!

Aww, I'm glad I could encourage you! I'll take a look soon!!


- Leauphaun


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