This is the current hair shampoo that I'm using. Not sure why you guys would like to know, I just thought I'd do a blog post about it.
   Before you read this post, I'd suggest that you go and read the post "Hair Color/Styling - My Story".
   I'm the type of person who never, ever thought I'd color my hair, whether it's hightlighting to going to a completely different color. And I didn't for years. I kept my hair long, one lengeth, and one color, my natural color... medium dark blond.
   That changed when I got fed up with my hair. It was between 23 and 25 inches long and slightly wavy. One length. It was a lot of hair.
   Then, one day, I decided that I was sick of it being boring, and being too much to take care of. Don't get me wrong, I loved my hair, but I also did lots of stuff to it that wasn't the best for it. The biggest thing I did that was bad for it was brush and put it up while it was wet. That is very damaging to the hair folicles, particulary if you brush it with a plastic hairbrush.
   So, a few years back my mom talked me into getting it layered. Only a few, but still getting it layered. So I went to a hair salon and got a few inches cut off of the bottom, and got about 2 inches of layers. That pretty much makes it only one more layer, but I felt like it was a huge change.
   I loved how it looked. It made my hair a little lighter, and freed up some of my previous issues with tangles.
   I talked in more details about my hair changes in my other hair post.
   Anyhoo, after I colored my hair for the third time, I decided to use Garnier's Fructis Color Shield Fortifying Shampoo.
   I have a really fussy scalp, so I cannot use just any shampoo otherwise my scalp freaks out. I've used expensive shampoos, and cheep shampoos, it doesn't matter though. It works or it doesn't. This is a shampoo that doesn't work with my hair.
   Weren't expecting that were you?? Well, I do not like this shampo for what it does to my scalp. I'm currently using it because of it's scent, and because it really does keep the color from fading.
   This shampoo uses acai and grape seed oil. Grape seed oil keeps your hair from getting dry and nourishes without making your hair oily. I don't remember what the Acai berrys do, but I know it makes the shampoo smell wonderful.
   If you know me personaly, you know that this year Acai berrys are my thing. It started with a long time friend of our giving me a small bottle of lotion that was scented with Acai berry. The lotion was from Greece, so I have no idea if we can get the lotion here, but the scent is heavenly!
   So, if you're looking for a shampoo that keeps the color from fading, try Garnier's Color Shield.

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