I'm into hair products right now, so when I saw this curl product (on sale!), I knew I had to try it!
   My mom has curly hair, and my dad straight, I ended up with this half curly, half not type of hair. The hair from my scalp to my neck is straight, but as soon as it cascades off of my head, it's curly, and quite so.
   But I found that I could use some help sculpting my curls, and to keep the frizz down (for anyone who has curly hair, you know "frizz"! It's like having a humidity hair day, every day.
   So, I saw this in my local shopping store, I decided to pick it up.
   And it works like a wonder! It makes your curls more equal, and spiraly, without adding crusty gunk to it. However, you do need to use the full pump on it, and for me, I need to use two medium pumps. And the scent is heavenly!!
So, if you have hair that has some wave to it, but want more, I'd use this product.

Scent: 4/5
Anti-Frizz: 3/5
Moisturizing: 4/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Overall Product Rating: 4/5

Woud I buy this again?: Yes
Why did I use this product?: To help inhance my curls
Price?: I got it on sale for less than $4.00.

09/04/2012 11:47pm

Think it would work on my completely plank straight hair? ;) Maybe....? Pretty please??

09/05/2012 8:29am

It might... can't say for sure that it will make your hair curly, but it might bring out some of your natural curl (I think everyone has SOME sort of curl/wave to their hair). I'd get it and try! =) If not, it's a wonderful product that helps calm down frizz.

Haha, thanks for the comment!!

- Leauphaun

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