I did this portrait drawing of Sid in December of 2007. I was so proud of it, now........I would REALLY like to change it but since it is one of my oldest I am not touching it to keep it original. However, it's really embarrassing to see how bad I was at drawing. But everyone has to start somewhere. I just happen to share it with the world ;)

08/04/2012 10:52am

Even in the year or so that I've followed your blog, I've seen a lot of improvement, Leauphaun. :)

And just to say, I've been checking your sites regularily, but I just haven't been able to comment. :P

Oh, and I tried to comment on the drawings of Arwen (2007 and 2009, methinks), but it says 'comments closed.' Do you know why?

I'm flying to America tomorrow morning, so there will be faster internet, and I'll be able to comment more often--and blog. :D

See ya!


P.S. Unfortunately, I will not be visiting Canada. :) Just Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado...

08/04/2012 2:16pm

Aww, thanks Vrenith!! You're so sweet :)

Neat, thanks!! Haha, I know how it is when the internet is slow... ;) No prob!

Oh, thanks for letting me know. I went back and changed the comment setting.

AWESOME!! Aww to not being able to come to Canada, but 'tis ok :) BUT, at least you'll be in the North America again :) It's good to have you back again!!

Thanks for commenting!! - Leauphaun

08/12/2012 6:29pm

Yup, I am now in America! I've been at a three-day family reunion and didn't have Internet, so I haven't been on. :)

Hopefully we shall have more conversations more often now.


08/12/2012 10:28pm

Haha, it usually works out that way, eh? :)

Hopefully!! =D

- Leauphaun


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