Another plethora of my old Sidney Crosby drawings. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.
These pictures are drawn on a range of types of paper. For example, the middle drawing on the left side, and the top drawing on the right are drawn on the same type of paper, while the bottom drawing on the right is actually drawn on thick tracing paper.

   Just a bunch of old Sidney Crosby work. I must say, everyone has a starting point. This is some of my work that shows that. I find this work to be ghastly terrible because it's my own work, but it was a step to getting to where I am now.
   All the work was done in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

In the top drawing drawing Sid is looking up at the score board as his team loses the game 3-2. The line across his face is the edge of his visor. I would add more to the picture but the photograph no bigger so I left it as it was. Done sometime in 2008

The second drawing from the top I liked for the almost Disney animation look that I managed to give him. Other than that not one of my favorites for I think it gets to close to his nose in these picture. Done sometime in 2008

Yes eyes! I LOVE to do eyes and to do Sidney's, well that just couldn't much better. Done in May of 2008. And the bottom drawing of his eyes was done sometime in 2009.

The top Sidney drawing my sister asked me to do because she really liked the original picture. I thought that it would be too hard, and it was for my artistic abilities at the time. However, I don't think that I would ever go back and draw this exact picture. Because he's looking over his shoulder in the original photo, his features are shifted a little, but not nearly as much as I did!

Now the middle drawing was a hard one to finish! The eyes I had to draw probably 10 different times to get them positioned right, but it even after all those trys, I still didn't get them correct. They look ok in the drawing, but when you compare them to the original picture, whew! They're off.

The bottom one I whipped up in 15 minutes or less. Done in 2007. Actually, this still lookes like Sid, though a rough drawing of him. Not one I'd ever show to him, but still. I think it's his nose that really resembles him.

These 3 drawings are all done a year apart but each one different from another. There is also another drawing but it is WAY to bad to put up.......really it is. The top one is the oldest and the bottom one is the newest.
The top drawing, I did back in 2007, the next one 2008, and the final one in 2009. Each year getting progressively better.

I did this portrait drawing of Sid in December of 2007. I was so proud of it, now........I would REALLY like to change it but since it is one of my oldest I am not touching it to keep it original. However, it's really embarrassing to see how bad I was at drawing. But everyone has to start somewhere. I just happen to share it with the world ;)
This drawing is OLD! It was done in 2007, and is the first portrait I ever did. And even now when I look at my other drawings of Sidney, there is still a resemblance. I only had a HB pencil to draw with, so the coloring isn't as dark as I would do now. Unfortunally I drew over this drawing to do the newer version so I don't have the original drawing :( I have learned since then to never, never draw over an original drawing.

The left one, once again, was done in 2007 and the right one was done in 2008. And in some ways the left one looks more like Elrond and in some ways not. Now that it's been a few years since the last one was done, I'd like to see what I could do to Elrond now...

The top drawing I did in 2007 and the bottom one I did in 2008. I am amazed to see the difference between these two drawings, though they were done only a year apart. I do think that I'd like to do another drawing of this picture now that it's been 3 years. The difference would be fun to see.

Legolas 2009



These two drawings were both done in 2009. At that point in my life, my sketches were simple, and had rough shading; and took about 15 minutes - 1 hour to complete.