This is the first painting of a human I ever did. And I did it under my art teacher's a guidance.
   At the time, I didn't trace the image to get the picture onto the canvas, so his entire face is disproportioned. Not to mention he's got a tan like nobodys business, which is unlike Sidney to have.
   But I did it in 2007, so considering how young I was, this isn't that bad.

09/06/2012 8:53pm

Errr...if this is dispreportioned, I don't even want to know what my attempts would be called.

Painting is not my strong point. Sketching, maybe (and that's a very maybe-ish maybe). But painting?? I enjoy it, but...oiy...

Tan? Tan?!
You need some Arizona sun girl! Then you'll know what tan is!

...Oh wait, more like a sunburn... =D

I love to see your older work!

09/06/2012 11:18pm

Oh dear... Haha, I guess it is to my eye... and to how Sidney's face looks, but now that you say that, it isn't that bad. It just doesn't look 100% like Crosby's face =)

Painting takes some getting used to... I usually only paint in the summer, and draw in the winter, though that wasn't the case this summer... but, yeah, it can be really frustrating!!

LOL!!! Haha, yeah I guess I don't know what a real tan is! Living in a part of the world where it's hot only 3 1/2 months of the year, and rainy/cold/snowy the rest... there isn't that much for tanning here, unless you are sun bugs like my mom (I swear, she manages to get a wonderful tan every year, and I still look paper white even after spending lots of time in the sun!)

Haha, thankfully sunburns turn into a tan for me =D

Thanks!! I have to remind myself to keep the photos of my old work, just because it's the pieces I started with =P I'm glad you enjoy them!!

- Leauphaun


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