Thanks to Kismint, I now have a tag to do whilst I am house ridden with a head cold. Thanks K-Minty!!

Here are the list of questions that she sent me.

1: Are you ok with bats? Yup, as long as they don't fly over head and drop "stuff" on me :/ But I think they are a wonderful creation by God.
2: If I asked you to check out a book called "Lasagna for Breakfast" at the nearest library, what would your first thought be? Well, I HAVE had lasagna for breakfast, so my first thought is "Yummy!" :)
3: Something on your "Bucket List"? Go and see a LOTR movie in theaters. The Hobbit qualifies as LOTR. 'Nuff said ;)
4: Is it cheesy to say gesundheit? No not at all. I never say it, but I defnintly don't find it cheesy. Just British.
5: Are monkeys cute or creepy? Neither. I DON'T like monkeys, but I don't find them creepy.
6: First guy's name that comes to your head? Jordan, Justin, or Brian.
7: If you were to break your arm tomorrow, how would you do it? Trying to imitate Captain America's awesome parkour moves. Yup, that'd be how I'd do it.
8: Best shoes to dance in? Your birthday shoes. Best chance of NOT tripping.
9: Would you recognize any Beatle's songs if one randomly played on the radio? No, never in a million years.
10: Something that is bugging you now is...? This little tickle in my lunges. It's driving me crazy!
11: The last video you played on YouTube was...? The Wiggles bloopers. Go and watch. Hilarious!! Yes, I still love The Wiggles. But that's for another post.

Thanks K-Minty for the questions!

Here are the ones I created.

1: If you had a choice between Dill Pickle or Ketchup chips, which one would you choose?
2: Which one would you choose to be, the photographer, or the one having the photo taken?
3: Marvel or DC?
4: Read a book, or watch a movie?
5: If you could change your talent, what would you change it to?
6: YouTube or Blogger?
7: Are you happy that the books Lord of the Rings were written?
8: Do you think Manatee's are cute?
9: Your respons to the phrase "sign on the dotted line"?
10: Music on or off?
11: Do you know what a vinegaroon is? (no googling ;) )

There are all my questions. I tag anyone who want's to do this, and if you do decide to do it, leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can check out your answers!

10/30/2012 3:17pm

Oh yay! Someone else who doesn't like monkeys too! Although I am sad that you would not recognize a Beatles song. :(

Also, (though I know your sister would be horrified at this reply) manatees are rather disturbing. I'm afraid I don't understand their purpose in life.
...and the SMILE. Creepy. Very creepy.

10/30/2012 4:39pm

I know! I have friends who think monkeys are adroable! I'm fuzzled as to WHY! Haha, I don't listen to any Beatles, Michael Jackson, Tinberlake, Beiber, Cyrus, gaga, or any mainstream music... the only band I listen to that is kind of out of my normal genra of music is U2. There is a good explination as to why, and I think I'll do a post about it =)

HAHAHA!! LOL!! My dad would agree with you! I think of them as being so ugly they're darling!

Smile?? Where?

- Leauphaun

10/31/2012 10:18am

See? They smile!! Look at the last picture in one of Eldra's old posts here:

10/31/2012 1:58pm

Ah, hahahaha!! LOL!! Haha, they do have smiles... but they're adorable!! Ugly, but adorable!!!

- Leauphaun


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