First of all, I'm so sorry that I haven't been around this past week. Things have gotten crazy, and not because of Christmas! In the past week, I taught 3 different photoshop classes, shopped (mostly for food), had a chiropratic appointment, carol singing, went and saw The Hobbit (YES! A post coming up on my thoughs on it, but I will tell you to GO AND SEE IT), did some banking, sent off some paintings that I sold, baked, worked on a digital painting of Thor, put some time into making the most epic music video to date, and went Christmas tree hunting.
   So, as you can see, I have had NO time for drawing (with graphite pencil), painting, or even blogging. Hopefully I'll be able to post more before Christmas, though seeing as it is only 5 days away, it may be hard for me to do. I'll try, but don't worry if you don't see me. My extended family lives in town, so Christmas is always one of the busiest times of the year.

   Oh, but I do have some exciting news. My aunts' husbands' brother (so that is my uncles' brother) came to know Jesus!! YAY!!! Why is that so exciting?? Well, any person who comes to the Lord and accepts Him into their heart deserves a party (all of heaven breaks out in celebration for each salvation), but it's because both my aunt and uncle aren't saved. Long story short, my uncles' brother was a huge alcoholic and drug addict, and he caused Uncle and his mom tons of trouble.
   Now that he's stayed sober for a full year now, and has given up drugs, has pushed my Aunt and Uncle a little more towards God with his conversion. Now, if I can ask you, can you pray for my aunt and uncle this Christmas season?? I would love for nothing more than to see them accept Jesus as their savior, because I know they're missing something, and they know it too, they just don't believe in God. So on that note, I will post this.

 Signed with a golfball - Leauphaun

12/20/2012 8:13pm

YESSS! This is where I shout "JESUSSSSSSS!" and do fist pumps 'n stuff.

Prayers to you and your family. I---eh---can relate when it comes to having unsaved family members.

God is great and good and wonderful and everything else fantastic!!

12/20/2012 9:06pm

Hahaha, I did the same thing, and my Uncle looked at me curiously, but he had a smile on his face, and he told my dad that "he (my dad) was right", and that his brother needed something "bigger" to change him =) It was a good sign that God is working on them, and slowly getting their attention.

Thank you so much!! =') I know we all apreciate it... can I pray for anyone particular in your family??

Haha, that made me laugh because it's true, and wonderfuly so!!

- Leauphaun

12/21/2012 10:50am

Aww, that's so great! =D

Mmm, prayers...well you know, grandparents, aunts, the like. My mom didn't become a Christian until after she went off to collage.

Thank you dear Leauphaun! And remember to give yourself a breather from time to time in this crazy-hectic month of

Merry Christmas,
(and Merry End-of-the-World-Day ;)

12/22/2012 11:03am

Oh wow, girl!!!! YAHHHHH!!! That is sooo exciting!!! I have witnessed that in so many lives, and continue to pray that for my extended family as well. So excited for you and your family!! EEK! Wow.

Well I must sign off...Would love to see that EPIC music video, and hope you have a fantastic Christmas!!

12/22/2012 1:40pm

@ K-Minty - Aw, that must be hard to have the rest of your family not sharing the same beliefs... I'll definitely pray for your family!!

*takes deep breath* Thanks for the reminder... this is the one month where I need it!

@ Lauricia - It is so exciting!! And the same aunt and uncle are spending Christmas morning with us!! I think it will be just them and us, so hopefully there will be some God movement from us to them =) I'm praying that it happens.

Haha, well I finished the video, and have posted it for all to see =)

You have a fantastic Christmas too!! Praying for your family!!!

- Leauphaun


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