Da da da da da!! TinTin!!

   Ok, so in reality, most of us here in America didn't know much, if anything, about the comic book series TinTin. That is because TinTin (without a space between the n and T) was originaly French.

   TinTin was originaly a comic book series that Hergè (the illistrator) created. It was about this 16 year-old reporter who ends up getting involved in all these different cases (of course he ends up helping to catch the bad guys). Originaly printed in French, sometimes in the books dialoge got translated incorrectly. Like Snowy, TinTin's dog (originaly called Milou, not sure if I spelled it correcty since it's a French name, which was Hergè's girlfriend's name).

   But in the comics, because they are older, you often saw men smoking, drinking, and shooting people. Which is not uncommen now-a-days, but for a children comic, that is a little different. My dad used to read these comics when he was a child, so I never thought I'd like to watch the movie, just because it didn't seem "interesting enough" to bother. Boy am I glad I did!

But here in these two pictures, you see TinTin with his faithful dog Snowy. Comic version.
And here is TinTin with Snowy... 2011 version.
   I cannot remember loving a (completely) CG movie more than this one. Hotweels: Acceleracers, anything by Pixar, Dreamworks, or Blue Sky Studios has yet to match this amazing animation work. It is truly a piece of art all in it's own.
   Because they used motion capture for all the people, faces included, the people have a sense of realism that has not yet been done in the animation industry (no Avatar doesn't count because there is still some live action in it).

   Because they took a bunch of comics and took different parts from each (the main movie is based off of The Secret of the Unicorn, with parts taken from The Crab with the Golden Claws, and the ending was taken from Red Rackham's Treasure. All to make one movie. Actually, the script directors did a fantastic job with taking dialoge word-for-word from the comics, and even to the point where they did the same camera angles. So visually wise, they did a fantastic job, making everything extremely believable.

I've watched the movie 4 times in a month, it's that good!

   As for content, well let's say that Captain Haddock is a... swarthy sort. He loves his rum, and will do thing to get a drink. When he get's it, there is some hilarity, but also trouble, as it goes with people who get drunk. But mostly funny.

Best part in the movie goes with this picture (do not read this next line: spoiler allert)

Captain Haddock: "...I don't remember anything"
TinTin: "Try to remember, Captain"
CH: "My memory isn't what it used to be"
TinTin: "Well, what did it used to be?"
CH: "Ah, I've forgotten"
Awkward silence...
The water is amazing, they really did a good job with it, as you can see here where TinTin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock wait to be rescued (enemy ship allert!)
   I found, also, that they did a good job with Thompson and Thompson. They are just as clumsy in the movies as they are in the comics. Also just as funny.
This guy I found to be a real character. I still don't know exactally what my feelings are towards this "pickpocket". He is beyond weird, in a kleptomaniac way. He does love his "piggy leather".
    Some of the most amazing animation shots are when they are in the Sahara desert. You really need to see the scene to understand what's going on in this picture. It's messy. However, I cannot find a picture of my favorite part with TinTin, nor a picture of the ship when it's sailing in the desert (again, watch the movie to get what I mean).
And so there you see it. Tintin now and then.

   As I've said, I've watched it 4 times, so go and rent it, it's the perfect family movie... except for the violence... guns.. and drinking... BUT other than that it's perfect ;)
   Even my mom (who is very particular with what movies she watches, loves this movie)
   But one of my favorite things about the movie, is that TinTin is such an innocent character. He keeps Captain Haddock on the correct (sober) path. My favorite quot...

CH: "And with that he throws himself..."
TinTin: "On what, Captain?"
CH: "on a bottle of rum. He opens the bottle and lifts it to his lips..."
TinTin: "...And he puts the bottle down. 'This is no time for drinking,' said the Captain. 'I need all my wits about me.' "
CH: "Ah, yes well, and he grabs a sword"...

That just shows what type of character TinTin is.

   So go and buy it, rent it, just watch it. It's well worth the time. After you do watch it, you will go and read all the TinTin comics that you can get your hands on.

Out of 5 stars, it gets a 5.

Signed with Fisherman's Friends - Leauphaun

10/10/2012 9:23pm

Ah, dear Tintin. I love the witty charm he has!

I never knew about the comics, but I did love the movie. Whish Snowy had his original French name...=(

Great review---I love the pictures!

10/10/2012 9:37pm

I love Tintin =) In a non creepy way ;)

Yeah, apperently they were big, not nearly as big as the Marvel/DC comics, but close. I know!! I love Milou compared to Snowy, though Snowy is adorable =)

Thanks!! The pictures don't do the movie justice unfortounately...

- Leauphaun


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