Recently, I've fallen in love with a worship song called Take Me In by Kutless. I don't know whether Kutless wrote the song or not, but it is a powerful song.
   I first heard this song at a home group meeting, and immediately fell in love. The words ring with truth, and make me want to sit down and weep, jump up and sing, shout and dance, but also bow my head in reverence and awe because I know that it is a privilege to worship. And am thankful that I CAN worship. And to be able to sing this to my Father, the Almighty God, is enough to overwhelm.
   But I want to learn it on the guitar, so I can completely worship Him by creating this type of music to bring Him more praise. I want to play this song until my fingers bleed. Yes, it's my worship obsession.

Here I am...Here He is... Here We are... Take Me In...
Strong Tower by Kutless.

Take Me In.



Worthy of our praise.

One name.

An infinity of names.

Our God, Yeshua. Jehovah. Alpha and Omega.

God is I AM.

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