Ok, so my sister got an iPhone recently, and she was looking online for an iPhone case... of course I suggested a Lord of the Rings case. These are my two favorite cases that we found.

   If I had an iPhone, I'd definitely get the one below, as that is my favorite of the two cases.

   Which one would you get?

10/15/2012 4:12pm

Haha! I'd try to find one that worked like a dry erase board...for sharpies! I love sharpies. I think it would be cool to have a canvas for a phone (case).

10/15/2012 4:39pm

Haha, that'd be awesome!! Then you could make a new design whenever you want to! LOL! You should market that! You might become a millionare ;)

Thanks!! - Leauphaun

10/15/2012 8:14pm

Hmm...well then, if anyone asks, it was my idea first, 'k? ;)

10/15/2012 9:20pm

'K ;) Absoutely!


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