I am a lover of Photoshop Creative Suite (CS).
I truly am.
   While Photoshop has wonderful features, some people view Photoshop as something to dislike, or to see as something that only tekkie geeks use.
   I see it as an extention of my artistic abilities.
   Here are a few examples of how I use Photoshop to help me with my artwork.

Before: taken with my camera, but warped/discolored/lighter/daker than orginal        After: What it looks like in person
   Now, I can't speak for all artists who take photos of their work, but since I'm into graphic design, I have a photoshop program that can help me.
   But as you can see, I don't know how I'd have my finished pictures looking correct without having a little digital help. And since I have a Fine Art America account (FAA), I need my pictures to look as much as the real thing as possible.
   Or as you can see here, I was taking a photo of this picture framed, but since there is glass over top of the painting, there is a reflection big time. So I used photoshop to place the painting into the frame and from there I edited the photo until it fit into the frame. I didn't want to take the glass out of the frame because I had finally gotten the painting in and didn't want to got the hassle of taking it out again.
   Now, I don't always do this, as I normally don't take photos of the artwork with glass and frame, so I usually don't have to worry about making sure something fits in another photo. But in instances like this, it's really handy.
   I also don't have an expensive camera. That means that I can't take the greatest photo I could, so having a professional program to help me out is a fantastic thing.

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