Happy Belated Birthday, Lauricia. I know I missed it, but hopefully you'll enjoy this.
You make me laugh
Your style of music makes me want to dance
When you hurt, I hurt
And here's one that will hopefully brighten your day. It cracks me up every time.
And I think you're gorgeous, as Loki is saying here.

09/16/2013 12:46pm

I've never had a post actually made for ME before.
I love that you added Tom to pretty much everything :) (what is he mouthing over his shoulder?)

This was really special. Thanks for doing this!!!!!
I feel touched......Thank you!!!!

Love you dear.

09/16/2013 1:43pm

He's mouthing, "Aren't you gorgeous" (I don't know for sure, but that's what it looks like he's saying!) ;)

You're more than welcome!!
Birthdays are special, but I think every so often we need a good dose of feeling special =)

<3 you too!! - Leauphaun


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