That moment when

You realize that you haven't said enough

Haven't loved enough

Haven't given enough

And in that moment when

You realize that time will heal wounds

And you think it has gotten better

When it really hasn't

That person leaves

But in the mean time

All you want to do

Is hold that person tighter

You know you should be smiling

Because it isn't the end

But you can't hold back the tears

As you look in each others eyes

That sheen on the bottom eyelid

Tells more tales that a hundred stories could

As you realize

That you only have a few more days left

And you are going to be gone

All you can do is


And pray


04/14/2013 10:36pm

I totally understand that feeling.

Don't give up! Keep your chin up! You're doing great!

06/14/2013 8:13am

Thanks Lauricia :)

It has gotten better, and I still want to cry, but God has the situation in His hands


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