In the moment when you find that you need a breath of fresh air, nothing feels better than having the door thrown back and the fresh air is allowed to blow in. I just had one of those moments.

   Where I live right now, we don't get a lot of wind, unless you live on or near the beach. I grew up in a windy place, not warm wind, but a windy place nontheless. So I miss the wind when I think about it. And then the opportounity comes when there is a huge gust of wind that comes bellowing through the huge trees in my backyard, making them shake, their leaves tossing this way and that; creating music.

   I also love the moments where you can stare up into the sky, and see the clouds moving with the wind. You can actually see them moving from here to there.

   Because of how the mountains are positioned around us, my town gets covered with clouds all winter long. Now, that doesn't always mean snow. Just cloud cover. The winters here can be pretty depressing, actually, if you thrive on sun (*coughs* like me...). So it's nice to hear the wind, and see the wind pushing back the clouds and revealing the blue sky overhead. Because along with that blue sky comes the sun. And the sun means warmth.

   But my favorite part about windy days, is letting the wind whip my hair around. I love the feeling of wind-blown hair, although it gets really tangled up :) But that feeling is one of a kind.

In other words. I enjoy windy days.

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